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Allen Diesels Trainin Courses

Training courses

Correct training provides cost savings

Our customer training programmes are second to none, providing the necessary training for the correct operation, servicing and maintenance of your engines.

These programmes, tailor made to suit your specific requirements, are modular and can comprise classroom, site and practical tuition. Experience has shown that correct training produces extensive cost savings.

Due to the wide variety of applications and environments that diesels operate in, we prefer to work with customers to provide bespoke training courses tailored to individual needs. In this way we can ensure that we are providing the best possible value to our customers.

Training courses typically take up to ten days in length and combines classroom and practical on engine work. An Allen Diesels mechanical engineer and technician can be in attendance at all times.

Courses include

  • Removal and refitting of major components: Cylinder head, piston, connecting rod, liner - method and practical tuition
  • Inspection of major engine components - method and practical tuition
  • Inspection of cam shaft, removal and inspection of main bearings - method and practical tuition
  • Condition monitoring
  • Sea trial (if applicable)
  • Engine safety

The following courses are available

Engine familiarisation

  • Two days
  • Up to four participants
  • At customers powerplant / onboard vessel / at pumping station
  • Focus on our range of engines, auxiliary systems and documentation

Basic training course

  • Four days
  • Four to eight participants
  • At Allen Diesels offices
  • Targeting crews with limited experience of our products with the aim of familiarising them with service procedures
  • Focus on our equipment, auxiliary systems, service and maintenance planning

Refresher training course

  • Four days
  • Four to six participants
  • At customers site
  • Targeting operators who have had previous training, ensuring that delegates are up to date with current best practice
  • Focus on engine characteristics, maintenance routines, troubleshooting

Service training

  • Three to four days
  • Two to four participants
  • At customers site
  • Targeting crews about to undertake a major overhaul of our equipment ensuring that work is carried out quickly and accurately
  • Focus on major engine components and basic adjustment of engine