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Allen Diesels Service Support

Oil quality test equipment


Oil quality test equipment

Operating a power plant or ship is a great responsibility and is especially difficult in remote locations. Efficient operation needs reliable equipment, trained staff and the highest attention to quality control during daily operation.

The fuel and lubricating oil form a major cost element in the operation of every power plant and the quality must be closely monitored.

The solution is the Power Plant Laboratory. It provides a single and comprehensive solution for:

  • Sampling fuel oil during delivery
  • Testing the fuel oil before use
  • Sampling the lubricating oil during use
  • Testing the lubricating oil for contamination and degradation
  • Linking the results in with traditional laboratory based analysis programmes
  • Training maintenance staff on the equipment and how to use the information

 An increasing number of customers are seeing the financial logic of spending less on repairs and downtime and are investing in preventative maintenance, quality control and training.

The Power Plant Laboratory forms a key part of that support strategy, providing for constant quality control of the fuel and lubricating oil.

For Diesel engines the laboratory will test fuel oil for:

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Viscosity
  • Compatibility
  • Density
  • Pour Point

 and lubricating oil for:

  • Water
  • Insolubles
  • TBN
  • Salt
  • Viscosity

For Gas engines it will test for:

  • Water
  • TAN
  • Viscosity

Monitoring fuel oils – Diesel engines

Analysis of the fuel oil requires a representative sample of the delivery, labelled and stored correctly for future reference.

Fuel samplers, documentation, sample storage and shipping systems are provided as an integral part of the laboratory.

Monitoring lube oils – Diesel and Gas engines

Monitoring lube oils can be undertaken in the field and by using a laboratory based analysis service. The Power Plant Laboratory provides instant and accurate results for a limited number of physical oil parameters.

Results from the laboratory can be recorded on site using special software and tests can be compared against previous readings to provide trends and trigger warnings. Machinery ID, oil hours, maintenance findings and recommended actions etc are all tagged for future reference against individual test results.