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Allen Diesels Case Studies

Case Studies

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World class diesel engines for pipeline applications
Proven reliability backed by unrivalled experience in the oil-field environment... read more

The Indian Oil pipelines
Allen Diesels has served the Indian Oil and Gas industry for fifty years. Our products have earned a reputation for reliability, efficiency and availability and have proved capable of operating effectively in hazardous conditions... read more

The Nigerian pipeline
In the mid 1970's the Government of Nigeria decided to construct nearly 2,000 miles of pipelines, a new refinery and 19 storage depots throughout Nigeria... read more

Eastney Pumping Station
Allen Diesels’ engines are designed to provide customers with the best value for their investment. Considerably more than half of Allen diesel engines installed in the 1960s are still fully operational today... read more

Civil Aviation Authority, Swanwick
Allen Diesel engines provide a vital emergency back-up to the power supply system of Europe�s newest air traffic control centre.... read more