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Allen Diesels Case Studies

World class diesel engines for pipeline applications


Proven reliability backed by unrivalled experience in the oil-field environment

Everything you want from a pipeline engine.

Pipelines of experience

Allen Diesels is one of the world leaders in crude burning engines. Whether you need an auxiliary power supply or pumping set, anywhere in the world, we can supply the optimum solution to meet your pipeline needs.

All of this backed by unparalleled experience in the field. Indeed since supplying the world's first crude oil burning internal combustion engines to be used in a major pipeline application in 1960, we have completed more than 200 installations, providing over 350MW of power along thousands of miles of major international crude oil and product pipelines.

Coupling this experience with the capability of our engines to operate on a variety of different fuels, our pipeline packages are engineered for both pumping and power applications and backed by exceptional, international, customer care.

Multi-fuel operation for flexibility and reduced costs

Our pipeline engine range provides outputs from 500kW to 5,000kW and operates on a wide range of fuels including diesel, heavy fuel and gas/diesel fuel (dual fuel).

A number of our engines also possess the unique ability to operate reliably on all known grades of crude oil. Indeed we have the highest number of crude oil burning engine installations in the world, some of which have achieved in excess of 300,000 hours of operation. This capability of our engines to operate on crude oil eliminates the need for expensive transportation of refined fuels to remote power houses, reducing your operating costs considerably.

Engineered to perform in every application

Typically located in remote and inaccessible down-line pumping stations, our pipeline engines are required to operate continuously for more than 7,000 hours per year. Operating conditions are often hazardous, dusty and at high altitude. Engine down-time could be expensive so maintenance has to be simple, quick and infrequent.

Further extending the life of engine components, and increasing the time between over haul periods, have therefore become the main objectives of our on-going product development programme. We minimise the harmful effect of possible crude oil contaminants by fitting nimonic valves, intensively cooled valve seats and exhaust valve rotators. 

Such developments are the key to increased engine reliability and longer periods between overhauls.

By reducing the number of components and improving general engine access we have made maintenance quicker and easier so your pipeline flows.

Complete package responsibility

Our experience and in-house expertise enables us to provide complete pumping or auxiliary packages meeting international standards for both hazardous and safe zones. We provide customers with a choice of options eliminating interface problems and ensuring both easy installation and peace of mind.

  • Speed increasing gearboxes
  • Pumps (centrifugal/volumetric screw/positive displacement)
  • Generators
  • Combined underbases
  • Heat exchangers
  • Fuel treatment and handling equipment
  • Lub oil treatment
  • Control and instrumentation
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning

Total customer care

Our success in the field is not just a result of the suitability and reliability of our engines. It is also due to the levels of support offered to our international pipeline customers. Working closely with you through all stages of the contract, and beyond, we ensure the continuous smooth operation of your pipeline.

We offer a range of services with 24 hour back-up. Our customer training programmes are second to none, providing the necessary training for the correct operation, servicing and maintenance of your engines.

We also provide tailored maintenance contracts as part of our total customer care package which includes the option of continuous on-line condition monitoring.

Comprehensive finance packages can also be arranged if required.

1960 to 1993

51 Allen pumping and main auxiliary sets, selected as the first crude oil burning engines, for the Oil India pipeline. Link to project information

1970 to 1994

Another 21 Allen crude oil burning engines installed along the Oil India pipeline.

1976 to 1999

66 Allen crude oil burning engines supplied for the Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

1977 to 1998

34 Allen main line pump and generating sets for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s (NNPC) pipeline.

1984 to 1995

26 Allen main engines to pump crude oil across the Andes in Columbia.

1988 to 1992

6 Allen crude oil burning auxiliary sets chosen for the Aershan Oilfield, Inner Mongolia, China.

1995 to 1996

2 Allen crude oil burning engines for an oil terminal power station, on a specially created offshore island, China.

1998 to 1999

34 crude oil burning mainline pump and generating sets for a 1,500km pipeline project in the Sudan.


2 Allen licensed Niigata crude oil burning generating sets, supplying power for a pipeline in Turkey.

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