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Allen Diesels Service Support

Oil mist eliminator

Suitable for gas and diesel engines in marine, industrial and oil & gas applications

  • Eliminates all visible oil mist
  • Removes sour gases from the crankcase, which can extend the life of the oil
  • Discharges clean air to atmosphere
  • Eliminates oil stains, reduces environmental pollution – improves site conditions
  • Can be mounted away from the source at a convenient location
  • Pressure balancing technology can be included to ensure perfect operation without the need for operator intervention
Oil mist eliminator

Large volumes of lubricating oil are required to cool and protect the internal surfaces of engines.

These conditions result in the generation of oil mist, which traditionally was vented to atmosphere. However, this may now not meet increasingly stringent environmental legislation.

Failure to deal with oil mist can at worst represent a significant environmental hazard and at best will attract dust and dirt making the site an unpleasant place to work. Our oil mist eliminator systems have been designed to remove all visible oil mist.

Our fan assisted oil mist eliminators compensate for the differential pressure across the oil mist eliminator cartridge and can create a small depression within the machine if required. This eliminates unwanted pressurisation of the lubricating oil system itself. Fan assisted units are typically utilised for diesel / gas engine crankcase breather applications.

Our naturally vented oil mist eliminators are suitable for retrofit applications where fan assistance is already provided, or more unusually, where machines can operate with a positive back pressure.

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